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NEW FREE CAREER SEARCH WEBSITE POISED TO BECOME THE NEXT BIG CAREER SEARCH ENGINE ON THE INTERNET has launched a new, free and easy to use search engine to make job searching more insightful. By creating a free account today, you can gain access to an expansive database of employee reviews to make choosing a prospective employer a breeze.

October 4, 2010 - One of the first big hurdles that job seekers face when searching for a career is how to choose the best employer for their needs. While there are many search engines dedicated to exploring job opportunities on the Internet, there are few that provide detailed and personal reviews of each company.  How many times have you accepted a job only to find that the employer enforced some strict rules that were not in the application package or a manager at a specific location was especially strict or unfair to the employees that worked under him?

With, the mystery surrounding the specific practices of a company towards its employees is virtually eliminated.  Many search engines provide information on large employers as a whole.  However, none go as in depth as in providing current and relevant reviews of specific job locations for local and regional job seekers.  The best part is that all of the reviews are submitted by people just like you.  You do not have to be afraid that companies are submitting reviews to make it appear like they are a better employer than they actually are.

When you perform a job review search on, you can be sure that you are reading testimonials from people that have actually experienced the work environment of the company in question first hand.  Even in this harsh economic climate, you cannot afford to apply for a company that you may decide to leave in only a short time because of an unfair working environment.  The best way to ensure that you are applying for a career, rather than a job, is to use the search engine at In addition, employers can search for their company on to see what others are saying about their company.

To create a free, no strings attached account at, all you have to do is complete a short, 100% confidential application including your name, email address, phone number and local address.  This information is required to ensure that all company reviews submitted to are provided by real people rather than large companies or data entry programs.  You can be sure that you will never receive unwanted emails, phone calls or postage mail from  Above all, they respect their member’s privacy.

After you have become a member at, you have the option of submitting a job review that you have had in the past to assist people that search for the jobs in the future.  To do so, all you have to provide is the company name, location, your position and various rating information about the company in question. This includes how the typical day at your job was and how managers treated their employees. You can also include information about what you liked and disliked about your job.  After taking the short time to fill out the job review form for your current or past job, you are all set. Remember, you do not need to become a member to search for job reviews on’s database.  Simply type the company name into the search field and you are ready to find information on a job that you are considering.

For more information about or any services that they provide, visit their web site at www.thecareerinsight.comor email them at

About was originally founded as a search engine for job seekers with the mission statement to "Provide the career seeker with detailed inside knowledge about the work environment, culture and overall employee perspective of a specific company." They are constantly providing more resources for potential employees to find insight for a job that they want, when they need it most.


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